Being Alive

I have somebody that is maybe close enough that sometimes she shares stories about ending her life.

Never thought of it before, some of you know I’m in a startup scene, and people around me always in this hype-happy-environment and it kinda gets me often, what would I say? how would I react? how would you react?

There are people out there or maybe they are close to you that actually need help.

I was speechless when she told her story. that maybe our rough start is isn’t as rough as hers.

What will you do if you are really hungry? #

Without anyone on your side even your family? no, you don’t even have to think about how do I get through the menstruation cycle every month without enough money to buy pads, how does it feel scared to go out? no, I mean really need to go through roughly 7 long days every month just thinking of how to hide everything while you need to clean the dishes for your daily food when you’re still below 10. yes, people will talk, and that’s better than asking you to leave, or maybe with no notice, your own family hits you without any reason. no, I don’t even have a glimpse of any of the experiences as she continues the talk. somethings are so crazy that she remembered the details hitting her throughout her current age today.

But what I know and afraid of is that there always similarities in platonic close ones is that they always bring an old mask with them.
when being observed in office, family events, or anywhere when there are more people than just the two of us. they often show a warm, happy well maybe kinda a bit too happy figure, how far is this defense mechanism will go? is it bad? having a mask is never a good sign in any Abrahamic faith. but I still don’t understand why is it so bad?

Will, I think the same? #

Ending life when it gets too hard? actually, the question is what’s after this short life? even more fascinating are the effects of wearing such a mask. all of them are not afraid to go further than death, something that is only common in heroes.

It’s impressive how our small brain works. why do we have a love for others without any reason? why do we have a hunch to even care? does it have something to be related in our survival evolution?

Or maybe it’s just me that has no understanding about the strings. or maybe it’s one proof that the higher skies actually exist 19:96


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