Founder Letter

Partners, friends and family. I think its time for me to write our first founder letter.

It was a long year. Nearly every aspect was tested. As i write this we have just finished our first share holders meeting, that consisted of our first financial and development report, discussing what how things should be in the past and the future to disputes of personal interest, leadership and trust.

but yet, I am very optimistic, proud and grateful for everybody awareness and understanding that by going together we could get more, wider and further as a company.

Let me start from remembering our vision that we compose back at our company vacation back then in bali, in a coffee shop at night on edge of a beach.

“Being the most trusted, impactful and profitable technology company in Indonesia”

Strings are on the same vision, that technology is mostly responsible of shaping the world today from education, health, financial to basic communication. By the other hand being trusted, profitable and at the end being impactful is how we measure how good we actually are being a technology company.

As today we are already impacting as far as our hands can reach. From government institution, private and public sectors on security, efficiency to innovation.

But from the all of the last things we have impacted, what next? of-course, we need to impact more, but before we start, for the first time, we agreed on changing our course on product more the service, things will follow developing as we change our course. Focusing on;

Infrastructure gold rush is still on, with no winners, there is no brand that we know currently to dominate the hosting nor infrastructure business. our product on this is wamplo cloud services. with hosting and DNS business model, main focus is to set a brand where people can put there business infrastructure like web, dns, support center, etc on top of our brand.

I think we all agree that information is the gateway for nearly everything. Impacting the heart of the problem is a good start for us, focusing from Newsfeeding. And maybe, it could turn out into a new type of search engine, were most-likely investment go in and the highest thing that we could dream of right now is to take on the biggest problem that technology have.

Internal Tools & Research
From Guide books (SOP) that we build on every founding member ideas and ideals, to Automated daily task that is handled by LENA (our bot that handles some of our current communication problems), Everything that will help us on communicate clearer, efficiently and better day by day. About research, we have agreed on things that are important that is so important that people are willing to pay us for our product on research even its in its first stages, example;

By this letter, we embrace every action of every shareholders that are based on our new course to do that we feel to do. And In end of the day, its all about why, who are we impacting and what do we actually believe about ourself will soon be our future in the next year

Thank you


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