I always love technology and the way we change things, its just fast enough to create a better place to live in.

but, there is a big topic that is happening within my friends that how the “Bitcoin is very dangerous”, that it could bring a nations scale failure, and thats where we don’t want to end up with.

the thing is about bitcoin, it blurs the line between you and me. like my country and your country as an example, the good side there is, but lets see the bad side first, lets say my country for now is an import addict, yours is not, how should it end?

in a small scale, my country will get punishment with a devaluation of money, and we cant buy your stuff without taking more of my stuff, or simply, we just have more money circulated then your country to buy things, that exist because you and i want a relationship to be always a give-receive relationship. Its not about i give you 2 orange, you give me 5. Now, what happens if we don’t have deflation?

Bitcoin blurs the line #

now about tax, i always hate to give tax to my corrupt governments, but if you play a good game of “the guild” you will eventually learn that every town will have at-least one corrupt government people, so its the matter of how much you give to the government, and how much the government really give back to the people, maybe in Indonesia its like giving 100% to 60% between other wealthy countries 100% to 80%.

60% will get there, at least. but heres the deal, if we not give 100% to the government, then what? lets say it will go down to 60%, then how can we give back to the people? 20%? what if its 0%? no government?

If you think we can live without any official goverment, kings and leaders can you give me an example that there are people are living in a safe place without government?

so what im trying to say, we have spend ages to made a civilized government to this point, and it worked so good, but friends, bitcoin can be the last of our mark.

So basicly Bitcoin = No tax #

There is one more that i have in mind about bitcoin, lets say people say its the same about real money, we can lose it, bitcoin is the same as real money when it comes to taxes, etc. etc.

but, what if it goes wrong?, do you guys know the technical things about bitcoin enough? do you guys know the heart of bitcoin hashes, and the math behind it, how does it work really? but one thing is for sure.

We cant blame anyone if it goes wrong #

Rupiah is broken? atleast i could fuck the hell out of the people behind our government. at least a kick in the head for the government, well that if my money instantly worth nothing.

but when my bitcoin worth nothing, who the hell should i kick?

my own head?

please contact me if you have the answers,
di.oc.skrowten@amar in reverse

And yes im bringing this because we do discuss this problems and solution that we could bring in. its happening right now in the people among indonesian state consultant of technology. The answer you send means alot to me.


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