Fall Of Education

When i graduate, i promised to never use my diploma for anything except to make my mother proud of me.

To learn, to dream, and to live is my eyes of education, because of education we can learn how our predecessor solve problems.

The wishes of our parents that we will be greater and even a chance to end the journey in search answers why are we here? in our current stats, places and details. Ikigai the japanese call it

To be honest, i am failing to get the essence of education, there is 3 things that i just don’t understand;

Unified grades, Marks #

I believe that every person in this world were born differently, but if we want to get competition, authentic competition, why not try emphasize Reputation, Achievements & Values instead?

University is a mark of the highest class citizen in my country, Bachelor‎ means a checkpoint for being good-in-society.

Why are we doing this? where goes all the research and children of education? where are we going?

Why? why are we shifting on our system standards rather than our dream, our needs to education itself? why the grades?

National Exam, Mid-term to End-semester exam #

Now i ask you, how can you measure value? how can you measure my current education, do you even know what’s in my mind for 6 month in a 100 minute one day exam or worse 3 years of high school study in just 120 minute.

A test should be continuously evaluating, like real life CI or continuous integration we makers[1](#programmers) call them, ur still-better-predecessor apprenticeship is doing better by doing not by memorizing, by making not by programming[2](#tool), by education not by our standards.

For me, a standard should be individually standardized. Why do we think that we need standards? its a short life we have to live our own gifts.

If they don’t want to learn math then its fine, let us search for our self how & why math is beautiful to learn and importances. Please give us time to search it.

At least until we all know that our own values, is more important than our own standardised marks in 100 minute.

One Way Talk #

I know that you lecturers are smarter than me, but can you please give us your passion in the subject rather than your knowledge about it, let us feel the lost excitement of learning something new.

We are the generations that have the ability to search for any knowledge that you know or even don’t with the internet, but we don’t have your passion & vision about your subject.

I learn from the internet, I read the internet, we have a huge repository programming to music books, libraries in our hands. We are changing.

Because of my hatred of current education, i’m promising to my life, that i will not use any of my university papers when i take off from here. i will keep my promise to my beloved mom, and thats it of its use.


Don’t make us your guinea pigs! “UN” means National Exam #

Indonesia, 48 Years of system, Suicides rising, Ethics is already lost.
Lets have some time to think and do something about it.

update, we have made a change.org petition at

need 15.000 students, and yes, its nearly there.

1 Programmers
2 A Tool


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