written at the two ends of the day 27/10/15

Its always a love hate relationship with knowledge. the thing is the more i learn, the more wider i see in every aspect. there’s even times where i can defiantly distinguish between emotions and evil whispers. 114:4-6.

Sometimes, i just knew, why something bad or good happens and why it needs to be there.

Sometimes, with wider perspective, i knew that there is times where i need to change my view to a smaller perspective for focus and speed but wider for direction and understanding to achieving everything in dunya 2.

Sometimes, with knowledge, comes a blessing to know how everything work. how everything fits to space and time, from nothing into something. the hard work from dreams moving into motions.

Yet, somehow with such a bliss, i have this feeling that im being watched, feeling that its a gift for people that have special purpose in this life, for the bad or for the good. 1

At the very end, its always a good feeling for me, reaching this far on my life journey, i guess everything technical is achievable by seeing and hearing in a certain timeframe with diligence nowadays. Im currently writing this because i want to remember in a night this week, i have found a way to cross the bridge to a place that needs to be discovered. its a place beside knowledge, above the great power and below the “most hidden of all hidden things”

Tuhan Maha mengetahui, Maha bijaksana.

1:269 2:231 16:125

Adam Ramadhan

1: it turns out yes the sky is always aware of what we do 58:11, Proverbs 2:10-11

2: see my meaning of dunya


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